Working hard to find the right wines for you

We work hard to discover the world’s most delicious wines from a range of boutique producers. The ranges are designed to suit all tastes and budgets, and are stocked in both retail and trade outlets.

Marble Peaks

Marble Peaks is inspired by the seams of colour present in the Pirin Mountain range’s rock formations. The elegant swirls of the marble reflect per fectly the wine’s intricate flavours.

Copper Crossing

Copper Crossing wine is inspired by the seams of copper said to run along the river Danube in Bulgaria. Ancient civilisations regularly crossed the river to trade this precious metal – the stunning hues of which reflect the flavours of the wine.

Seven Lakes

Seven Lakes is inspired by the Seven Rila Lakes. The different shapes and sizes of the lakes reflect the subtle, multi-faceted tones of flavour within the wine.